China and Germany taken together, particularly as an economic entity or market. [Blend of China and Germany.]
Example Citations:
The U.S. perpetually runs large trade deficits with the rest of the world (especially "Chermany") because other countries are far more focused on export-led growth.
—Steven Capozzola, " Chermany:," Manufacture This, March 18, 2010
The 'Chermany' analysis is interesting insofar as it explores the economic relationships that Germany and China each have with their respective trading partners and the similarities of both sets of relationships.
—Bob Adamson, " The Power of 'Chermany':," Seeking Alpha, March 17, 2010
Earliest Citation:
Let me introduce you to Chermany, a composite of the world's biggest net exporters: China, with a forecast current account surplus of $291bn this year and Germany, with a forecast surplus of $187bn.
—Martin Wolf, " China and Germany unite to impose global deflation:," Financial Times, March 16, 2010
When wags put on a fake German accent, they automatically change soft "g" sounds to "ch" sounds, so "Germany" is rendered, with varying results on the hilarity scale, as "Chermany." This may be as old as the country itself, at least orally, and in print it goes back at least as far as 1862:
"My mudder? I knows more'n my mudder now,' said the young countrywoman of Mrs. Bayard Taylor, 'but den you know dey doesn't learn much in Chermany,' she added, apologetically."
—" Editor's Drawer:," Harper's New Monthly Magazine, August 1, 1862
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